It’s our goal to be open, upfront and make your life as easy as possible, which is why we’ve created this FAQs page.

So if you have a question about AUSPAN, our sheds and steel frame buildings or how we work, check out the answers below.

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Question 1

How does your ‘AUSPAN roof lift’ installation process work?

Our unique on-site ‘AUSPAN roof lift’ installation technique is the fastest and safest construction process around, drastically reducing the time required on site, as well as the risk of accidents. In essence, we fabricate your steel frame shed off-site, then construct the complete roof structure including roof sheeting, guttering, insulation, ventilators, etc. at ground level on-site, and use cranes to lift the structure into place. It’s quick and means there’s no need for extended periods working at heights. Feel free to watch the video below to see a ‘AUSPAN roof lift’ in action.

Question 2

Can you build a steel frame shed or building in my area?

Yes we can – our family-owned business is based in Gnowangerup in the south of Western Australia, which is where our design and fabrication team work. However, we competitively transport and install steel frame sheds and buildings throughout WA, and beyond – we have clients across the Northern Territory, Queensland and as far afield as the Cocos Islands. Read more about our capabilities.

Question 3

I have pretty specific requirements. Can you help?

Yes – the majority of our projects are specifically customised – contact us today to discuss your specific requirements – we are sure we will be able to assist your project and also have helpful suggestions that may well be a better or more cost effective way to achieve the same end. Find out more about what we do and who we do it for.

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