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How do I start the process of costing and designing my new building?

You can contact us directly. We will discuss your project with you, and begin providing you with design and budget options for your consideration. At AUSPAN, we are design and construct specialists. We don't require any prelim documentation to be able to begin the custom shed design process. For early feasibility budgeting, we are able to offer high-level budgets for your project in a matter of minutes. To ensure it is a smooth process, we will need to clearly understand some of the main points you require for your project. These may include:

  • How many m2 of land are you planning to build on?
  • What is your required office size (m2) and/or staff numbers?
  • What is the size of your required factory/warehouse/storage facility (in m2)?

Should I use an architect and engineer/tender process?

AUSPAN is equipped to service our clients with a complete and design and construct for commercial sheds. This means that both the architectural and structural design processes are completed in-house. For majority of projects, this saves thousands of dollars in both design and engineering fees, as well as material selections. However, some projects may have previously been designed by architects and engineers before they go to market for tendering. 

What is the benefit of D&C compared to the engineer/tender process?

One of the leading benefits of the design and construct process is that our clients can achieve complete budget certainty, before investing in the design and compliance processes. The design and construct builder takes on majority of the financial risk, not you as the client. 

Points to consider in building design to maintain cost-effectiveness and minimise fire requirements

There are numerous variables to consider regarding fire compliance. A design and construct builder will have all the relevant compliance and design and considerations on standby while dicussing your project. 
For example, having walls positioned on the boundry increases cost, however this is one of the ways AUSPAN can allow a bigger project into your available land area.

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