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Providing versatile and cost-effective industrial shed solutions, we design and construct robust structures tailored to diverse needs, ensuring efficiency, durability, and optimal workspace functionality.

Premium Industrial Sheds in Western Australia

Discover top-tier industrial and storage sheds state-wide, meticulously designed for durability and efficiency. Our Western Australia-based team, renowned for its expertise in sheds Perth-wide, specialises In custom-built industrial sheds tailored to meet your specific needs. From planning to completion, we ensure quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. With hundreds of projects completed throughout the state, including a variety of storage shed solutions, we bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record as industrial shed builders. Trust us to deliver structures that stand the test of time whether you're in Perth or anywhere across Australia.

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Craig Deakin
Swan Group

I very much look forward to working with all the AUSPAN team again on future projects.


Peter Armstrong

Mader Group

Great customer-focused company. Progressive and entrepreneurial with a fantastic dedicated team.


Shane Kay
Moora Citrus

Couldn’t really fault AUSPAN at all. we’re very happy with the end product.

Our Path to Success & Industrial Shed Considerations

Initial Consultation and Custom Design

Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your unique requirements for your industrial shed. This stage is crucial in crafting a custom design that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and vision. Whether you're looking for a spacious warehouse, a robust workshop, or a specialised storage unit, our team collaborates closely with you to conceptualise a shed that meets all your operational demands.

Design & Customisation

At this stage, we delve deeper into the design customisation of your commercial shed. Our focus is on tailoring every aspect, from structural adjustments for specific industrial activities to customising spatial layouts, door types, and additional features like insulation and ventilation systems. This personalised approach ensures that your shed is not just a structure but a solution finely tuned to your business's unique needs.

Compliance with Codes and Regulations

Navigating the complexities of local building codes and safety regulations is a critical part of our process. We ensure that every industrial shed we build is fully compliant with the relevant standards, thereby guaranteeing not just the safety and legality of your structure but also its long-term operational efficiency.

Construction and Safety Standards

During the construction phase, we uphold the highest safety standards. Regular safety audits and adherence to strict protocols ensure a safe building environment for everyone involved. Our skilled construction team combines expertise with meticulous attention to detail, translating the planned design into a high-quality, durable industrial shed. These standards have been proven effective through years of trials and testing across Australian projects.

Technology Integration

Embracing modern technological solutions, we offer options like automated systems, smart lighting, and solar power integration. This not only enhances the functionality and efficiency of your industrial shed but also positions your business at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

Site Assessment and Selection for Large Industrial Sheds

Once the design parameters are set, the next step involves meticulous site assessment and selection. This process includes evaluating the land, considering environmental factors, and planning for optimal access and logistics. Our team conducts thorough site analyses to ensure that the location of your shed maximises functionality and efficiency, while also adhering to any local zoning and environmental regulations.

Material Quality and Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to using only the highest quality materials, like premium-grade steel and weather-resistant coatings, to ensure the durability and longevity of all of our commercial sheds. Our approach also incorporates environmental sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and designs wherever possible, reflecting our commitment to responsible building practices.

Project Planning and Timeframe

Effective project planning is key to the successful delivery of industrial and commercial sheds. We establish a clear timeline for construction, setting realistic milestones and delivery schedules. Our team works diligently to anticipate and mitigate potential obstacles, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly and is completed within the agreed timeframe.

Cost Estimates and Transparency

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to the financial aspects of your project. Our detailed, itemised cost estimates provide a clear understanding of the investment required, ensuring that there are no surprises down the line. We work with you to align the project with your budgetary requirements, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality when erecting large steel buildings


After-Sales Support and Maintenance

Completing the construction of your shed marks the beginning of our long-term commitment to you. We provide comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance advice, ongoing customer support, warranties and life-long guarantees. This ensures that your investment remains secure and functional for years to come, with a team you can trust always just a call away.

Our Photo Gallery

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any questions or would like to discuss design ideas for your next project.

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Choosing the Right Industrial Shed

Heavy-duty Sheds

One of the big differences you will see in the traditional shed building market is two types of buildings. Firstly there is the genuine heavy-duty structural steel building type - which is constructed from hot-rolled steel and fabricated for the main structure, including columns and portals or trusses. Connection plates and cleats are welded to the main members to allow the connection of the structure. Structural steel design buildings generally allow a lot more customisation and flexibility in the building design and outcome.

You might need to choose a heavier steel frame for a bigger structure that would be required to withstand harsh weather conditions (like wind, heat etc). High wind regions C and D in the coastal regions of Australia are at risk of being hit by cyclones annually between November and April. Constructions in these regions are required to resist Category 4 and Category 5 cyclones that travel at a speed of more than 300 km/hr, and need to be designed and engineered according to those wind region requirements.

C Purlin Sheds

The second type of shed building method is the ‘C Purlin’ type shed building which is essentially a structure built from lengths of sheet metal rolled into C-type members for the columns, rafters, and purlins which are then bolted and screwed together in the construction phase. Traditional the ‘C Purlin’ type building isn't suited for the industrial market due to it being designed to be used for lighter and less strenuous requirements.

Common Industry Questions
Regarding Industrial Buildings

Our state-wide storage sheds are exceptionally suited for various needs. Whether it’s for machinery, equipment, or general storage, we ensure ample room and optimal design to accommodate your specific storage requirements.

Our sheds are designed to withstand the demands of industrial environments. We use the highest quality structural materials which are all fully hot dip galvanised, to ensure our designs meet Australian standards for durability and resilience.

Yes, we offer a range of roller doors for our industrial sheds. These doors are ideal for environments requiring robust, easy-to-operate access points, enhancing functionality and accessibility.

Certainly! In Perth, we specialise in custom design, including the integration of mezzanine floors. This addition maximises the usable space, offering additional storage or operational areas within the same footprint.

Yes, all our sheds are fully engineered to meet the specific requirements of your project. As a registered builder, we adhere to strict standards, ensuring every shed is structurally sound and fit for purpose.

Custom design is our forte. We work closely with you to create a shed that perfectly matches your needs. From the initial design to the final touches, our team ensures your vision is brought to life, adhering to the highest quality standards and your specific requirements.

As a registered builder, we construct all our sheds in accordance with Australian standards, using only high-quality materials. We guarantee that each shed is robust, durable, and designed to withstand the unique challenges of Australian environments.

Absolutely! We can include personal access doors for easy and secure entry into your industrial shed. These doors are designed for convenience and security, ensuring easy access while maintaining the integrity of the shed.

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AUSPAN is born and bred right here in Western Australia, just like many of our favourite customers. We're family-owned, and renowned for delivering exceptional results across the board since 2009. Learn more about us here.

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