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AUSPAN Story: More Than Just Shed Builders

AUSPAN is a Western Australian family-owned and operated company, reowned for delivering an effortless building experience since 2009. Our commitment to attending to our client's needs and wrapping the requirements into a cost-design has been the key to our fantastic results and great fantastic relationships. We are the market leaders for the design and construction of steel frame buildings.

The team at AUSPAN consists of a highly experienced design and construct team, with a 'CAN DO' attitude. We are team players, and we task ourselves with helping you make your project happen.

The AUSPAN journey began with shed building across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. It has now evolved to deliver a flexible project scope of works - right from budgeting through to handover of full turnkey solutions. 


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With the unbeatable 'AUSPAN Delivery Time Assurance’, you are dealing with the fastest shed builders.

We confidently stand behind every shed we build, providing each of our customers with ‘AUSPAN 100% Lifetime Guarantee’.

"AUSPAN Australian Made" assures you that we are genuine Western Australian family business. We are in it for the long haul to help you with your current and future projects.

Our humble beginings offer a practical and flexible approach to all projects that we are involved in. Whether you are just looking for the design and installation for your project, or looking to sit down with:

  • Someone to start designing your new facility that suits your business requirements,
  • Someone that understands the building code
  • Someone that isn't going to land you with any extra fees
  • Someone that is available to work through the compliance and approval processes for you, and
  • Someone that will take your project on as their own and get it ready for you or your tenant to move into.

We are your single point of contact for commercial buildings.

Whether it's nutting out the best solutions for a small business owner or being the 'GO TO' person for a property developer, AUSPAN Group has the support team ready to deliver your solution.

  • We live by the fact that we are only as good as the last project we have completed.
  • We are only happy to build something that will be there forever.
  • We have unbeatable lead times.
  • We don’t expect to be the cheapest, but we deliver the best.
  • We strive to provide every project to a standard that leaves every one of our clients as a raving fan!

Get your building project simplified, on time, delivered right and created uniquely for you! Put us to the test; we are ready to make it happen!

Future-proof Solutions By AUSPAN

At AUSPAN, we know that you are looking for a practical and experienced contact, guiding you through initial budgeting and the design buildup stages of a project - ensuring that all the building compliance boxes are ticked all the way through. The team at AUSPAN is made up of a group of experts, experienced in all aspects of engineering a project, regardless of its scope. 

We provide you with unique construction solutions with a flexible scope of design for projects across Western Australia. AUSPAN is modelled to deliver clients with the facility they need, cutting the red tape and scrapping their upfront architect fees.

 We don’t just deliver an industrial structure; we provide you with a future-proof solution that will continue to protect and live on: today, tomorrow, and into the future. By incorporating modern methods and technologies in our services, we provide our clients with solutions that guarantee reduced lead time, stress, and cost.

With AUSPAN, you are dealing with the fastest builders, a confident company that stands behind every facility it builds, and a genuine Western Australian family business. We are in it for the long haul to help you with your projects, today and into the future.

What Are you waiting for?

Your Shed Construction Simplified,
Delivered On Time, and Created Uniquely for Your Needs.