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What is the AUSPAN roof lift?

The AUSPAN roof lift is where the roof structure is built on the ground then lifted into place with cranes. This significantly reduces time spent at working at heights and overall construction time.

What is the time frame to get a shed built?

The lead-time from ordering your new farm shed from AUSPAN to having it installed would typically be around two months. This may change depending on workload and the scope involved for the project – concrete works, council considerations etc.  

Why is my AUSPAN shed quote more than the shed kit prices I see advertised in Farm Weekly?

Often the shed kit prices that are advertised do not include a number of key considerations like, structural design that is correct for your wind region, delivery to site and install, council considerations, just to name a few.

What is a good location for my new shed?

Pick a naturally level site to minimize the earthworks required and a site the isn’t subject to flooding, not too close to trees, power lines, location of underground services, consider access to power and water etc. if required for the shed, may be worth thinking about putting shed at a different location or farm to reduce transportation of machinery / fertilizer / hay / chemical etc. Other customers like to have all their sheds in one centralized location for machinery servicing and operation point.

What do I need to do before my shed can be built?

Before your shed can be build you will need to prepare a pad for the shed to go on.

What do I need to do for a good shed pad?

A good shed pad is level, compacted and has at least 3m of extra prepared pad area around the shed – for a good long term shed pad you would normally need to have 300mm or more of compacted gravel on top of the levelled natural ground. If the gravel / sand is dry it will require wetting down to help it compact properly. It is good for the finished height of the pad to be slightly proud of the surrounding area so that water tends to move away from the shed and reduce the risk of pooling / flooding in or around the shed.

What is the standard clearance height?

We have seen a trend over the past years of the sheds being built higher. The reason being is the farm machines we are using just keep getting bigger! We recommend you carefully measure the height of your equipment so you can be sure it will all fit in and possibly think about the height of any future farm equipment investments. The typical clearance height for workshop and machinery sheds is between 6m and 7.5m high.

Do you have standard spans or stock sheds?

We custom build every shed. However, there are some cost-effective spans that we will typically design around if possible, starting at 12m span and stepping up in 3m increments.

Do you have standard shed lengths?

We custom build every shed. However, the length of any shed is a multiple of each bay. The most cost effective bay size for farm sheds in WA is typically around 8m or 6m. You can build as many bays as you want to, to achieve the length that suits your project.

What are the current tax incentives for farm sheds?

There are a range of incentives from the government for farm sheds. There is the fodder storage incentive which allows instant tax deduction for hay or grain shed investments. The team at AUSPAN stay up to date with all the latest incentives. Give one of our reps a call on 1300271220 they will be more than happy to help.

What are wind regions and what do they mean for my shed?

Australia is split into 4 wind regions. Depending what region your new shed will go in determines what level of engineering is needed so your building meets the standards. AUSPAN has designed and installed hundreds of sheds in all the different regions.

  Australia Cyclone Map


How do I future proof my shed?

Ventilation, insulation, clears pan end frame to allow future extension of the shed, connection details for future door system, cantilever canopy, internal walls, concrete floor and panels, engineering the frame to suit the end goal for the shed – it is always more cost effective to do it all at once rather than add on later, however it is a real world and budgets don’t always allow for everything we want now so it make sense to think ahead to make the end goal easier to achieve when the time is right.

Do you do concrete?

We can do the concrete in your new shed. We work along with subcontractors to deliver this side of the project. Alternatively if you want to look after the concrete side of things that works well also.

What are tapered gutters?

Tapered gutters bring all the water to one end of the shed. This ingenious system minimizes the trenching required and the number of downpipes. This is especially effective on a shed with a lot of machine movement as it greatly minimizes the risk of downpipes being damaged.

Do you install all your sheds or can I put it up myself?

We can look after as much of the project as you would like. Yes we can supply the kit only.

Where has AUSPAN built sheds before?

You may check all our projects, both finished and in progress by clicking here.


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