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How much will it cost to cover my arena?

A good place to start would be with the AUSPAN Budget Estimator tool – however the supply and install of a roof only arena cover would typically be between $100 to $150 per m² - so a 1200m² arena cover (60m x 20m) would be between $120,000 and $180,000 depending on the site requirements and the features of the cover.

What options are there for the perimeter kick boards?

Kickboards are commonly constructed using marine ply which gives a smooth ‘black’ look or jarrah timber paneling. AUSPAN is open to any suggestions for what is used for kickboards as this feature sets off the indoor riding arena and is often the backdrop to any indoor photos taken while the arena is in use.

Is it best to do my riding surface before or after the arena cover has been installed?

Each site is different and needs to be considered in its own right, however it is often good to get the bulk earthworks / shaping of the site done and then install the arena cover. Once the arena cover is installed then the surface can be finished without being damaged or contaminated from the construction of the cover.

I want to be able to ride at night. What lighting should I have?

Indoor LED highbay lighting  systems are custom designed to suit your riding/event plan.

What clearance height do I need for my new arena cover?

Heights are also customizable for your build however common arena cover height is to achieve a 5m clearance height underneath any roofing framework.

Does AUSPAN build stable sheds and barns?

AUSPAN is better suited to the larger m2 buildings like arena covers however we are certainly available to discuss your stable or barn plans. We will either be able to assist you to build your dream or at least locate the correct supplier that will suit your project the best.

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